Drow are the children of Xurshon, the god of Darkness, Void, and Secrets. Drow were among the very first of the derived races, yet are also among the lowest in number, despite the many millenia they have had to grow in number. Drow share the secretive nature of their deity, although they are far from universally sharing his deeply evil nature. Unlike most of the evil deities, Xurshon did not embed a strong affinity for any particular alignment in his children. Drow tend towards loner status, with very few communities of their own, and dominate no nations. They do have some modest city-states in the underground, where their gifts of stealth and perception make them natural denizens of the sunless, silent caverns. The city-states are usually quiet, well-hidden, and tend towards a moderately evil character, although the few good travelers who come across them are rarely troubled if they don’t poke around in matters best left to the perpetual darkness.

Drow are generally well-tolerated by other races, and usually have a fair amount of freedom in communities of all races, although Dwarves tend to distrust the highly insular, socially disconnected Drow. Xurshon’s children have a strongly inquisitive nature, although they are usually very discreet in their inquiries. Drow live for the discovery of secrets, and often accumulate a treasure trove of information over the course of their long existence. They often adventure in the earlier part of their lives, traveling with various parties or caravans in search of hidden or lost knowledge, artifacts, or curiosities. A drow rarely likes to reveal his secrets, although they may occasionally exploit them for personal gain, and most take them to the grave; a secret gifted only to Xurshon will almost certainly remain a secret forever.


  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution. Drow are agile and have a strong sense of self but are less hardy than many other races.
  • Darkvision 60ft.
  • Blindsight 10ft.
  • Scent.
  • +4 to resist energy drain.
  • +4 bonus to stealth and bluff checks.
  • Drow are gifted by Xurshon with immunity to the damage of the void. The are unharmed by negative energy damage, instead being healed by it, in the same manner as positive energy. Excess hit points from negative energy effects are lost.
  • Coloration: Drow are darkly colored, with skin that varies from very dark purples and blues to blacks. Their hair is usually of the same color as their skin, but usually a few shades darker darker. Drow eyes are always deepest black.
  • Height/Weight: -15%/-20%
  • Age: +300%


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