In this mists of long forgotten memory...
Long ago, in the spring of the year 13,782 (by Seldesun reckoning), three intrepid adventurers set out to their local tavern in search of… something. Not sure what. Something involving gold! Glory! Loot! The three were known as Remian: a vain human bard, Thyme: a sleepy human cleric of Fythyn (God of Dreams), and Peregrine: an elven ranger who is very, very excited. The original three heard rumors, over their ale, of gold in them hills! They set out promptly. Remian, Thyme, and Peregrine searched the hills north of the sleepy village of Volraos diligently. They stumbled upon a boulder that seemed not quite right, and ended up busting past the illusion (and traps) guarding the lair of a sleeping gnomish alchemist. Being adventurers, they raided his home of valuables and sent him packing after suffering his mighty color sprays and mightier weasel familiar. After their thrilling debut, the group found itself back in Volraos. A few boring weeks later, Remian, Thyme, and Peregrine were drinking in the usual dive when they found themselves regaling four new strangers with the tale of their only exploit. Their new friends were composed of Naruza Gar: a busty orcish warrioress, Xiomara: a shifty Solastari sword-magus, Karkahn Glimmergaunt: an ambivalent jungle-folk rogue, and Gen Erique: a human fighter of no distinctive characteristics. Gar, with great enthusiasm, proposed that their two groups merge into one. Thyme, Peregrine, and Remian (newly dubbed “Floofy” by Gar, who was impressed by Remians fancy clothes and delicate features – a name he would never thereafter escape) agreed! The newly enlarged party went straight to the local guardhouse to look for work. After arriving, and being christened “Gar & Company” by the ever vocal Gar, the group was informed of bandit activity in the hills north of Volraos. The group decided, with urging from… well, just guess, to pursue their only “lead”, the gnome in his hole. They went back to the lair, fell victim to several new traps, and found exactly nothing, except an angry illusion informing them of the previous occupants displeasure. The gnome had set the traps expecting them to return. They eventually figured a way out into a ravine and sulked back home. In the course of looking for more substantial employment, Gar & Company were asked to assist the priestess of the Temple of Galacia, Goddess of Life, in her investigation into failing crops on local farms. Priestess Danica asked them to go to each of the three biggest farms in Volraos and search for any clues possible. The ensuing investigation spanned several weeks and involved rituals, betrayal, necromancy, zombie farmers, some mass combat, and dream reading. Also a badger and maybe an owl. After the dust settled the party headed to Noadril, capitol of the Kingdom of Noadamia. Remian/Floofy had a marble bust made of himself by their escort: Brother Lorim. Brother Lorim was a skilled craftsman in the service of Belduril the God of Craft. They took a boat down the River Noad, through the depths of the swamps of central Noadamia. Peregrine bought a caged mantis from some swamp-folk and her dog got eaten by a giant toad. She did get some toad poison out of the ordeal. When they made it to Noadril, the party collected a reward from the grain cartel and decided to go visit Thyme’s home in Noadrine, on the northern coast. Not, however, before visiting Gar’s family at their ancestral compound on the outskirts of the city. The orcs welcomed Gar and her friends with open arms and great cheer. Duels were fought, Gen trained in the art of the spiked chain (a Gar clan specialty), the traditional orcish… food?? gosh’nosh was eaten with no little trepidation, and everyone had a rousing time. En route to Noadrine, Peregrine’s hatred of short people was cemented when a duplicitous little person tricked the party out of much of their hard earned loot. Peregrine forever-after bears an animosity towards anyone under 5ft. They tracked down the brigands allied with the little guy and got almost everything back. Then there was a detour. Gen freed a slave ahem, sorry, an indentured servant; one Karanashtu Sa’Veyru from her service in a brothel. Ashtu, for short, turned out to be a mystic from the far off desert land of Kashem. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do Ashtu joined the party which shortly thereafter arrived at Noadrine. After arriving at Noadril everyone was Shocked! to discover that the gentle and unassuming Thyme was in fact a member of an Noadrinian aristocratic family: The Scarboroughs. Yes, like the song. Thyme’s sister is named Rosemary, and Thyme also has a twin named Sage. There is also Traveling Uncle Parsley. He hasn’t been seen from in a while but he send letters. Sometimes with mysterious souvenirs. Other stuff happened; Gar won an arena battle, Karkahn got stalked by a stealthy kid, Xiomara found a fancy scimitar, Remian read a book. Gen lusted unrequited after Ashtu. Most notably, Peregrine was saddled with Sutras. Sutras is an ancient court vizier trapped in a stone by his sultan and bequeathed to the sultan’s heirs to always be around to guide and help them. Centuries after the Sultanate of Ajirra fell, Sutras is now stuck trying to improve Peregrine until Peregrine meets Sutras’ very high standards. Sutras is not a happy magical rock. People liked Grandpa Scarborough. He hadn’t seen Thyme in DAYS!!! After dawdling around at the estate, the party eventually left to head to the distant island of Ilyth. The boat ride to Ilyth was prompted by a series of recurring dreams which Thyme had endured after handling a coin sent by Traveling Uncle Parsley. The dreams seemed to be relating to the ruins of a fallen kingdom which the Ilythi had warred with, and the mana-wraiths which inhabited those ruins. Ilyth is a scholarly place, and it was figured that the archives in Ilyth might have some answers. The boat ride to Ilyth was largely uneventful, although Peregrine found a flu-crow in the sooty chimneys of the port of Shimdrua. Flu-crows are extraplanar crows that live in chimneys and eat snakes and can only be found when you look REALLY hard for them. Prior to Peregrine miraculously finding one, they only existed for about an hour, in Remian’s imagination, as a story he told to Peregrine to distract her. Now they are a thing. Peregrine has one as an animal companion. Who knew? Ilyth itself was not uneventful. Largely due to further Peregrine antics. Peregrine accidentally shoplifted a snow globe from a magic shop. When Peregrine went back to apologize, the owner gave her one as a gesture of goodwill. Everyone was so amazed by the wondrous snow globe that they all stared quite intently into it’s depths. Whence they were whisked in a pocket dimension inside the snow globe which holds a permanently trapped village in perpetual winter. A powerful transmuter created it for his amusement and got bored. Thanks to the elf, now the party had to fight their way past a nasty ice-wraith who was sucking the energy out of the spell which had previously kept the snow globe in summer. People were freed! Not everyone though. The snow globe got put in a pocket and the party went on with their lives. Having found information and misadventure, Gar & Company headed back to Noadamia. Everyone wanted more excitement so they headed south to Kedrin: a small principality on the southern coast of the peninsula on which Noadamia resides. The plan was to go through Kedrin to the jungle land of Talishar, and from there head west some twelve thousand miles to Kashem to help Ashtu get home. That didn’t happen. Instead, the party ransacked a dungeon when crossing the swamp and found some disks which happened to be artifacts of Zintrasha the God of Plagues and Pestilence. About that time Xiomara and Remian took the chance to take off with most of the groups gold and loot. Remian’s book happened to be the possessed vessel of the spirit of an infamous and legendary bard: Alcinus Baxter. Corrupted by the influence of the book, Remian agreed to join Xiomara in robbing the group before their flight. Xiomara had always been greedy and was like, fuck these bitchez. Then they were gone. Then the group beat some goblins led by an ogre who had taken over a valley, to the joy of the valley’s inhabitants. Arriving in Kedrin, the group, now two less, decided to head to Meridalinos instead of Kashem. There was a major temple to Temestiina, Goddess of Purity and Water, in Meridalinos and the group figured that the acolytes there could handle the disks. This was true! The priests welcomed the disks with great joy and hosted the party for several days while they prepared to perform the ritual to destroy the disks. The temple had much enjoyment for everyone except Callida. Oh yeah, Callida. Oh yeah mark two, Gen! Gen had left the group back in Noadamia because of his unrequited love for Ashtu and his desire for personal growth. Then the group met Callida in Kedrin. Callida is a sorceress. She likes fire. REALLY likes fire. And follows Peregrine like a dog. Peregrine also has a puppy named Gelatinous Cube. In Kedrin, Peregrine also pissed off Sutras, who made Peregrine walk on all fours like a dog for the rest of the day. None of that is relevant really, because what really matters is pirates! The group was commissioned in Meridalinos to track down some pirates. They tracked down the pirates but didn’t apprehend the captain. He was nice about the whole thing though. They returned to Meridalinos, then to Noadamia. On the overland route to Noadrine, the party ended up stumbling across a pool into the Underdark. The stumbling involved being dragged forcefully by tentacles. They woke up after the ordeal in a sunken fortress. They fought their way out of the fortress into the broader Underdark. They eventually crossed paths with a friendly village of veytra; a furry race of humanoids which live largely undergound or in the coldest northern lands. An aged veytra gave them a map with several exits. They chose the haunted city. Haunted city was haunted. Ghouls! Then there was a baby hydra. Then daylight. Then Noadrine! Gen was there. He is a paladin now. Of Tomastrua, Goddess of Love. Hugs all around! Thus ended chapter 1.
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